Inside Printing Help

PrintPlace Can Help You With Your Designs!

We’re happy to help you at any stage in your design process. Not only do we have an extensive Help Center where you can find answers to your questions, but we also have a dedicated art department that’s ready and able to repair any problems with your uploaded artwork. Some common issues that we see with artwork are missing bleeds, improper sizes and text that’s too close to the caution zone (the area that might get trimmed off when we cut the sheets). For $25 we offer file repair that will take care of the print-specific design issues so you can focus on your other responsibilities.

If you need help, you can call us at 877.405.3949 or use our contact form and select “Art File Assistance.” We’ll work through the design process with you to ensure the highest quality prints.

Services Offered:

  • Art Checking – We’ll look at your artwork to make sure it conforms to our standards and will print the way you want it to.
  • Bleeds – We can extend the artwork at the edges of your design so that everything goes to the edge of the page when it’s printed.
  • Caution Zone – If text is too close to the edge, it might be cut off during printing. We’ll adjust any dangerously close text.
  • Centering – We know where everything will lay out in the final printed form, so we can adjust your text and artwork to be truly centered.
  • Combine Files – If you created several separate files, we can put them all together into one document for printing.
  • Create PDF – No matter what program you used to create your design, we can export it to a print-ready PDF.
  • Font Embedding – Without properly embedded fonts, some files won’t print properly. We can fix that for you.
  • Fold Panels – Folded designs need panels that are slightly different sizes so that the creases don’t mar your artwork. We’ll help you position and size everything correctly.
  • Incompatible Files – If your file was rejected through our automatic upload system, we can repair it so it will work correctly.
  • Low Resolution – In some cases (like if high resolution files are available or we can work with the original file format) we can increase the resolution of graphics that don’t meet our standards for printing.
  • Orientation – We’ll flip and rotate images and text so that everything is prints in the correct orientation (i.e. landscape or portrait).
  • Separate Files – Sometimes we need two separate files for the printing process. We can split apart one file with two pages into two different files.
  • Typesetting – If there are minor typographical errors, we can help to clean things up. Note, this isn’t proofreading or typographical design, just tweaking the typography.

For the File Repair service, unfortunately, we can’t do the following services:

  • Move graphics or other objects
  • Extensive typesetting or design
  • File re-sizing.

If you need more extensive help, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll find the right solution for your needs.