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PrintPlace Customer Testimonial: Customer Service Scores!

“My name is Jeff Jansen and I am the Director of Marketing and Sales for a start-up company called GarageTown Texas. On the recommendation of a friend Brad Kaplan, with EMRJ Marketing, I began to use your services at Print Place. Since then I have recommended your company to many friends and associates partly because of your great pricing and turn around, but more specifically because of the service. This is the actual reason for my note. A few months ago, I was challenged to create some new literature for my company, where I used Illustrator for the first time ever! My background is in medical/biological sales and I have a degree in Biology, so I was a little removed from my comfort zone. I am a pretty quick learner, however, if you have worked with that program, there are several “tricks” and tools that allow you to do things easily and effectively. During the course of one particularly difficult “creation” I got stuck, then PrintPlace had some server issues. I then took this occasion to give your tech service a call. One of the other superior professionals at PrintPlace, Dianne Watson referred me over to Izzy. The express reason I am writing this note is to tell you of my great experience and superior service I received from Izzy. She was professional, efficient and extremely helpful. She not only helped me solve my problem, but went above and beyond the normal levels of service most other companies barely reach. Please remember this at your next review process and especially at the end of year bonus time!

My current position is as a consultant, so be assured that I will continue to utilize PrintPlace for all my future printing needs. Thank you again. “

– Jeff Jansen, Director of Marketing and Sales, GarageTown Texas April 15, 2008