Printing Help

Should You Upload Your Artwork as a Separate File?

We require your artwork be uploaded in one of two ways. For two-side print jobs like a flyer or brochure, we need two image files (JPG or TIFF), one for the front and one for the back, or one PDF file with two pages. If you’re printing a booklet, catalog or calendar we need one PDF file with all the pages in the correct order. An easy way to know if you need to upload two files is to look for two upload slots on the PrintPlace website. Log in to your account and click the “Upload” button next to the print job; the number of upload slots will tell you the number of files we need to correctly print your order.

Your best bet when creating artwork to upload for printing is to use a template. We have templates for every design and size of paper available in our ordering options. The templates include not only the size, but also the trim line, bleed line and safety zone, so you know where to position your artwork. If you’re creating a folded design, the templates also have the fold lines showing you where to place each panel so that it your artwork lines up with the folds.

Each template file comes in PDF, JPG and EPS formats so you can choose the program you want to design your artwork. If you see a template that has “front” as a part of the file name, that’s a sign that you need a “back” template as well since it’s a two-sided design. Two sides means you need to send in two files or a 2-page PDF file.

Don’t forget to delete the template layer from your final artwork so that the lines don’t show up in the printing. You can download the templates here. If you have any questions or need help with your files, call us at 877-405-3949 or contact us online for help.