posters and flyers compared

Marketing With Posters and Flyers

Print advertisements and promotions can take many different forms, but posters and flyers remain among the most popular, despite being around in their familiar forms for over two hundred years. Marketing with posters and flyers closely followed historical developments in printing and distribution methods. Their single-page format makes them simple to design and easy to …

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Pick the right flyer font
Graphic Design

5 Time-Tested Tips for Finding a Fantastic Flyer Font

Flyers form part of any well-rounded print marketing campaign. But despite their ubiquity and simplicity, it can be a challenge getting them to stand out. Choosing the right flyer font can go a long way toward creating materials that don’t just stand out, but are immediately understandable as well. There are a few questions you …

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a selection of hotel print materials

3 Compelling Reasons to Update Your Hotel Print Materials

Change is the one constant in our lives. That and perhaps the hotel industry’s need for print materials. Notepads, postcards, and flyers will likely be part of hotel marketing for decades to come. But even then, your hotel print materials will likely have to be changed out every so often. Are your hotel’s print materials …

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Nonprofit terms and lingo can be confusing.

Nonprofit Terms You Should Know

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have their own commonly-used jargon, just like any other community. Nonprofit terms share many similarities with nomenclature used by regular for-profit businesses. The main differences come when describing sources of income and restrictions of their use. For anyone looking to start a nonprofit, or join one, there are a few exclusively nonprofit terms that …

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woman looking at yellow pages - an outdated church marketing strategy
Ideas for Churches

8 Outdated Church Marketing Strategies 

With a few exceptions, churches are not normally considered to be at the cutting edge of marketing. Church marketing strategies tend towards the conservative, and for the most part it makes perfect sense, given churches need to appeal to a very broad base of demographics. At some point, however, these strategies can cross the line from …

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7 Ways Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations Fails - Header

7 Ways Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations Fails

Marketing for nonprofit organizations is not much different from marketing for any other enterprise. The problem is it seems that many nonprofits (NPOs) don’t realize this, or at least haven’t quite internalized it. This often leads nonprofits to be less effective than for-profit enterprises with similar initial capitalization. Here are some areas NPO marketing fails. 7.) …

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Title image for "9 Features of Ideal Content for Nonprofit Donors"

9 Features of Ideal Content for Nonprofit Donors

When creating content for nonprofit donors, it helps to have a specific goal. When creating goals for content projects, most nonprofit marketers will obviously agree donor acquisition is important, but consider this: 3 out of 4 new donors only make a one-time donation. 2 out of 3 American donors report being turned off by nonprofit marketing Acquiring …

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