Take Control of Your Catalogs

I just don’t see enough companies that seem to care very much about their catalogs. This is, they seem to think, just another form of marketing and therefore will be given only as much attention as it needs to be given.

Catalog printing has the potential to be a very effective style of marketing if you understand the major differences it has with other kinds of advertising.

Unlike any other form of marketing a catalog holds a person’s attention for a lot longer, and therefore has the ability to invoke a much stronger message. The placement of your products along with the style of font you use and the layouts of each page are just a few of the things you can take complete control of.

Ok, take the example of The White Album by the Beatles. This album was considered such a masterpiece for reasons other than just the songs being sung on it, but for the placement of the songs themselves as well. Time was taken to make sure that there was an artistic element to what songs appeared in what order, such as the chaotic Revolution 9 being followed by the soothing Goodnight.

Now, I’m not saying you should make your catalog printing paramount to The White Album, but that doesn’t mean you can’t consider elements of it that you might not normally focus on.

Too often a company seems to care about nothing more than packing those catalogs with products. Artistic expression in the layout and order of products isn’t anything to consider, but this is the very thing that can help sell to people.

When they open your catalog make sure they’re entering a separate world just as they would when opening a novel. Quality printing can lead to a quality experience that they’ll be glad to delve back into.

The presentation can be just as important as the product being sold. This is especially true if what you’re selling isn’t a matter of need. I’ve picked up all sorts of catalogs filled with cool, if unnecessary products. I’m not buying anything from them because I need to but because I want to, and companies need to give people a reason to want to.

A good catalog printing service should know all of the tricks of the trade, even those not typically used. Take pride in the work you have to do and try to make something people can immerse themselves in. Consider what products will go best with each other and what products will benefit by being at the beginning of the catalog as opposed to the end.

Even the smallest things can start to have a big impact even if people aren’t fully aware of it at the time. Those unique placements might affect people more than even they’ll be aware of.

If you put in some real effort, it will be noticed, and the benefits will be felt.