The Importance of a Promotion Kit

While word-of-mouth advertising is a really great way to get things started, it can be slow and unpredictable. As your own best advertiser, the best – and most economical – tool available to you in building your business is a promotion kit.

Everywhere you go is an opportunity to promote your business. By keeping your promotion kit close at hand, you’ll never have to respond to a request for your business cards with “sorry – I just ran out”. Think of the various locations you visit every day. Chances are, someone around you is in need of the services you and your business provide. Don’t let the opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone about your company’s services. You never know where your next customer might come from.

One of the basic pieces of an effective promotion kit is color business cards – both yours and those of other people you have met. Doesn’t make sense to you to carry other peoples’ cards? Well, think of all the people with whom you have networked since beginning your business. More than likely, they are carrying around at least one of your business cards, as you are carrying at least one of theirs. If they tell someone about your business – and that person tells someone – and so on – and so on . . . well, the worth of that one business card just increased three-fold! Be sure to choose a high quality, reputable company for your business card printing. As your first impression with prospective clients, you want your image to be impeccable.

Another item to consider for your promotion kit is color postcards. Postcard marketing is an effective way to elaborate further on the information included in your business card, while still remaining portable enough to carry without a lot of bulk. But beware of falling into the trap of too much information in a space that doesn’t communicate it well. The purpose of the business cards and postcard marketing pieces are to capture your audience’s attention – not to give them the entire synopsis of your business plan and your long-range goals. Hit the high points; make it colorful, concise and easy to read and they’ll come to you looking for more information before you know it.

The last and most portable item in your promotion kit is . . . you! Be prepared with a few short, concise sentences that best describe your business and what it can provide for them. Don’t get caught up in unnecessary rhetoric. You only need as much time as you’d spend in, say, the average elevator ride. Think about it – how often have you overheard a conversation in an elevator and, just as it was getting to the good part, the story teller got off the elevator? Be the story teller that others chase down to get the rest of the story! You’ll be racking up the revenue in no time!

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