The PrintPlace Experience

Very seldom is one given the opportunity to work for an individual or company that not only has a passion for what they do, but for the customers whom nourish their prosperity. I personally know that the percentage of America’s working class who actually enjoy what they do is very small. I had even come to the conclusion that being able to do what you love is a myth. However, my theory has recently been proven very wrong.

I began my career at PrintPlace in October of 2008. Many times, a new workplace with new tasks and new people may seem overwhelming; but I have been treated golden from the start. The PrintPlace management team has made sure that their employees and customers have every resource necessary to ensure that their experience with the company is a remarkable one. I have found that no matter what issue or problem I come across, if the solution wasn’t provided during training, it is only an instant message or telephone call away. I find it astounding that through an “unofficial recession” where so many people have become a statistic through lost employment, one company is able to turn the odds into an opportunity. With each call that I take, I learn that no company is perfect. Imperfection is expected with any venture, but I believe that mistakes are many times presented as an opportunity, an opportunity which this company has capitalized on; both inside the company and out. I have not found another company through chance or pro-actively searching that strives for customer retention as PrintPlace does. If a customer has an issue, we are not only willing to fix it, but prevent it from happening again in the future to someone else. Never have I seen another company who looks to exert their customer service to the level of calculating a Net Promoter Score via surveys. This not only enables us to see where we are excelling, but allows us to recognize areas that need improvement. The way we treat customers is a type of “financial karma” which can either benefit us, or not.

I believe that a company’s success is not determined solely by the status of the economy, but is self inflicted through strategic planning and implementation. PrintPlace has not only excelled at this, but through communication; both with their customers and employees alike. Not only does every customer end a phone call knowing who they just spoke with by name, but their email address and extension as well. They are comforted in a blanket of support each time they order to ensure that they remember us.

This is what each PrintPlace customer receives every time that they contact us. This level of professionalism isn’t just a first impression or a customer retention procedure; it’s the PrintPlace experience.

Brandon Hurtado