Trifold Brochure
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How to make a tri-fold (or letter fold)

A tri-fold is made by folding both sides of a paper, one at a time, to overlap in the middle. This creates three equal sections. Typically the right side is folded first and then the left, so it will naturally read from left to right.

The result creates six equal panels similar to the folds of a wallet.

The tri-fold is also called a “letter fold,” because it describes the way a business letter is typically folded before it’s inserted into an envelope.

Brochures are most commonly folded with a tri-fold. It’s the perfect fold for a step-by-step presentation because the reader is guided through the steps as it unfolds. This natural flow can be used to your advantage by guiding your customer through your story one panel at a time.

  • Tri-fold brochures are easy for automated envelope insertion machines.
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