We Print and Mail Postcards

We can print your postcards for you to mail or you can take advantage of our mailing service to do the work for you. Customers appreciate direct mail offers, and postcards are one of the least expensive ways to get the offer to them. The average cost for mailing a 4-by-6 inch postcard is just $0.268 (less if you have a valid US Postal Service non-profit permit). Including the cost of printing and processing you can reach 250 customers for less than $1 each (and the price per customer will drop as you increase the quantity). That makes direct mail post cards one of the most cost effective marketing tools you can employ.

Start by choosing the type and size of postcard you want. The standard size is 4 inches high by 6 inches wide, but you can choose sizes all the way up to 6-by-11 (postage will go up to about $0.403 each for First Class or $0.279 for Standard). You can even choose your own custom size, if you have a specific design you’re looking to produce.

  • Tip – add a perforated section to your postcard for a coupon.

Select all the options you want for your design, such as the paper, coating and cutting (you can have rounded corners to make your cards stand out in the crowd). When you’re ready, you can add the job to your cart (if you don’t have an account, you’ll be prompted to create one at this point, it’s free and easy).

Check out, when you’re done shopping. You’ll have a chance to choose the shipping method – select direct mail from the options. You still need to enter a shipping address though, it’s where we’ll send any extra post cards that don’t go out to people on your mailing list.

Pay for the print portion of your order (you can pay with a credit card or by money order, wire transfer or cashier’s check). Once you’ve paid for your printing, you can log in to your account and upload your artwork and mailing list. We’ll take an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx), comma separated value (.csv) or a text file (.txt) for your mailing list. We’ll process through the addresses and figure the postage charge.

Pay the postage through your account on You can, again, pay with a credit card or money order, wire transfer or cashier’s check, but if you do use a credit card to pay for postage there will be a 5% service charge added to the total price.

When you’ve approved the proof of your print job and all your postage is paid, the order will print and ship at the speed you chose in the options. It’s a fast, easy and inexpensive process that lets you reach out to your valuable customers in an effective way.