Printing Help

What is a Proof and Why Do I Need One

The term, “proof” simply means that you get to see evidence of the printing job as it will look in its final form. It’s your chance to make sure you like the way our special proofing software formatted your artwork for our presses. It’s also your last opportunity to check over your artwork for any mistakes before you’re committed to hundreds of copies. We offer both electronic proofs and hard copy proofs, depending on what your needs are.

Electronic Proofs – This is a high-resolution PDF that has been formatted for printing on our presses. If necessary we will adjust the color scheme to the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key or black) that we use when printing. We will show you the bleed line, the trim line and the safety zone so that you can ensure your artwork will print the way you want it to. Note that the bleed, trim and safety lines will not print on the final document.

Hard Proofs – We can send you a hard-copy proof for color matching.  Hard proofs aren’t always necessary, so we don’t require that you use them, but if color matching is essential, then it may be worth the time and cost to order a hard proof.

You select the proof type from the main order screen. We send hard proofs by next day air as the only option so we can get your print order completed as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to pay the cost of shipping for the proof, regardless of whether or not you accept it.

We guarantee our quality and we promise that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your order. What we can’t guarantee, though, is that your order is free from typos and other errors. It’s up to you to examine the proof and ensure that there are no errors in the artwork. We’ll print exactly what you send us, so please send us exactly what you want printed.