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What is the Difference Between a Flyer and a Brochure?

In some ways there’s no difference at all between a flyer and a brochure, both are small documents that present a limited amount of information to a general audience. However, a flyer is typically a tool to spread information to a large number of people while a brochure lets you give a more in-depth tour to a smaller group. Think of a flyer as what you give out on a crowded street, but a brochure is what you hand to a potential client after you’ve explained your business.

Flyers give you a way to communicate with a crowd. As such, your flyer should be easily digestible at a glance. It should take no more than a couple seconds for people to see what you’re trying to communicate with the flyer. Are you offering a coupon? Are you inviting them to a grand opening party? Whatever your core message, it should be simple and easy to spot on the flyer. Because of the fast nature of communication, consider not folding a flyer. The option is available, but the more steps you ask of your audience, the less likely they are to see your core message. One, A single unfolded sheet with concise communication is ideal for a flyer.

Brochures communicate a message to people who are already interested. The cover of the brochure might be the thing that creates the interest, or it might be your winning personality and presentation skills. Either way, the inside of the brochure offers more information. Think of the rack sitting in the lobby of a hotel, it’s filled with brochures about all the tourist attractions in the area. The bit that sticks up over the holder needs to grab your attention, but you expect to find out enough information to take action once you open it up. Brochures are most often folded twice, either in a Z-fold or a tri-fold, but we offer a variety of folds and sizes- choose the one that provides you the best value.