Printing Help

What Tracking Information is Available?

As soon as you place your order with us, we’ll assign a job number that follows that order through the entire process. You can log in to your PrintPlace account to track your order at every stage.

Order Status:

  • Upload Art – When you place the order, the first status will be the uploading of artwork. From your account page you can upload the artwork file(s) for your print job.
  • Reject Proof – Once your artwork is uploaded, our automated system will create a proof for you. If you’ve chosen the electronic proof, you can view the high-resolution PDF from your account page and either send the order to press, if you’re happy with the results, or reject the proof if you’re not satisfied. You can upload new artwork if you reject the proof.
  • Send to Press – Once the proof is accepted by you, the order will be sent to press. From this order status, we can no longer cancel or change the print order (you may still be able to adjust shipping). We’ll print the order in the turnaround time you specified and have it ready to ship on the date shown in your account page.
  • Shipped – When the order has shipped, you’ll see a link on your account page with the UPS tracking information. You can find out the location of the package and the estimated delivery date from your PrintPlace account, or through the UPS website.
  • Completed – After your order has been printed, shipped and delivered, your final status will be completed, but the job number will stay in our system. If you want to re-order the same print job, just click the green “Re-Order” button from your account page.