What You Need To Know About Mailers

Customized mailers can be a boon to your marketing plans by allowing you to efficiently and inexpensively contact people who are interested in your business. When you are planning your direct mail campaign, you need to make sure that you know a few things ahead of time. If you want, we can handle your mailing needs from beginning to end, including processing your mailing list, printing, postage and even stuffing envelopes.

Design: Because mailers need to go through the United States Postal Service, there are strict requirements about what can and can’t be included in the address area of the mailer. The three pieces of information needed by the USPS are the recipient’s address, the return address and an indicia (a bulk mailing code) or postage stamp. Put the return address in the upper left corner of the address area and leave a 4-inch wide by 2-inch high blank area for the recipient’s address in the bottom center. The upper right is reserved for the postage mark. Use a sans-serif font that’s between 10 and 12pt for your return address. It should be no larger than 18pt and no smaller than 8pt. Don’t include your indicia, if you have one, just leave the space blank and we’ll take care of the postage markings based on the options you choose.

Mailing Lists: We can take your mailing list and address the mailers for you. What we need is a mailing list in either Excel or comma separated value (CSV) format. We can also handle other file types (you can find the list here). Just know that the fields can only contain 50 characters worth of information (that includes spaces and punctuation), so abbreviate as necessary. We’ll check your list for duplicates and check the addresses to make sure the addresses are deliverable; this service is included on one mailing list per order (if you choose the options). If you want to process multiple lists, the cost is just $85 for each additional list. If you don’t have a mailing list, we can provide you with one at a reasonable cost; just contact us, either by phone (877.405.3949) or email (

Postage: Once your mailer is printed and addressed, we can send it right out in the mail. We work with our local USPS office to mail out your order at a preferred rate. You can choose First-class mail at $0.403 per item (up to one ounce) or $0.268 per postcard. If you want to ship Standard-class the charge is $0.279 per item. Note that postage rates are subject to change without notice, at the discretion of the USPS. You are required to pay current postage rates. Catalogs and booklets are charged based on weight that we’ll calculate, and then give you the price. Email us for an estimate on postage ( If you have a non-profit postage permit you can mail letters at the rate of $0.173 per item. Contact us with your permit information.

Inserting: If your project requires stuffing envelopes we have both hand- and machine-inserting options available. Inserts are priced per 1000 as well as the number of items inserted. If you have more than 4 items to insert, please contact us for a quote ( For example, hand-inserting one item into 1000 envelopes is $70 per 1000 and machine-inserting is $27 per 1000 (with a $30 setup fee).