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Create personalized stickers your customers use to decorate their laptops. Find the exact shape, size, and format to suit your design and brand image below.

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Showcase Your Brand Through Unforgettable Custom Laptop Stickers

Are you looking for an affordable way to promote your business without having to pay for advertising space? Customize laptop stickers your customers can use to decorate their gadgets. By giving away laptop stickers with every purchase or as a freebie at an event, consumers have a means of showing brand loyalty. They place the stickers on their own and show others how many support your product or service.

PrintPlace lets you personalize every detail to create a distinctive design. Choose from standard square, rectangle, or oval and circle shapes, or input the exact dimensions you need to achieve the shape of your company logo. Depending on how you want to distribute the stickers, you can choose from the four available formats. Once you’ve found the proper shape, size, and format, you can easily upload the file, download a template, or create the laptop sticker’s design from scratch. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out the guide below to better understand available options.

Get the Best Features for Your Custom Laptop Stickers

Choose a format that aligns with how you’ll hand out the stickers.

Four formats are available to give your business flexibility in giving away or applying the custom-made laptop stickers:

  • Singles are individual stickers cut to the exact shape you require. This format is recommended for businesses giving stickers away in small quantities or as individual pieces in each e-commerce delivery.
  • Rolls are only available at a minimum of 250 pieces, making them ideal for large quantity orders.
  • Sheets carry the same design or several different shapes on one page. You can give away one sheet with every order, so customers have multiple designs to use on their laptops and other gadgets.
  • Kiss-cut stickers are also individually cut, but come with a square backing to protect the edges of the design. Laptop stickers with more intricate designs can apply this format to keep the specific shape intact upon application.

Select a size and shape that builds brand recognition.

Standard shapes are available for all four sticker formats. We recommend these for straightforward logos or laptop sticker designs. But those who want to print their company logo can select “Custom” and combine several dimensions, so they stand out on display. A wide range of widths and heights will appear on the online calculator after indicating “Custom” as your preferred shape. Make sure the dimensions you choose suit your logo’s actual shape.

Go for sturdy vinyl or stick to indoor white sticker paper.

Of all the materials available, vinyl offers the most protection against water and all kinds of weather. But if you’re planning to use your laptop stickers for marketing, you can go for budget-friendly white sticker paper, which is sturdy enough for indoor use and will keep your designs as good as new. You can add protective matte, gloss, or high gloss coatings to elevate the entire look.

Upload a design, use the online design tool, or download a layout template.

You can find all the tools for creating and finalizing your custom Mac laptop stickers on PrintPlace. You can upload a print-ready file directly to the site or use the online design tool to make it from scratch if you have a preferred editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher. Each sticker page lists the sizes you can choose from and corresponding ZIP files that contain copies of the template layouts in all the available file formats.

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