Direct Mail Postcard

6 reasons for excitement in your store this fall

Don’t let those red and green wreaths in the craft store fool you. We are currently in the middle of a season called “fall” (or autumn for the British at heart). Although I do love the holiday season, it’s important not to let it push its way too far into the previous season’s space. Fall …

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Crowdfunding could be the answer you didn’t expect

Crowdfunding has become an answer to fundraising for artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs of all types. Projects that once seemed impossible to fund have become some of the biggest success stories of this new phenomenon. Nonprofits aren’t the only ones benefiting from this type of fundraising. You might be surprised what type of projects have been …

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Ice Bucket Challenge Fundraising

Nonprofit fundraising: What is the answer?

Just dump a bucket of ice water on your head and you’re golden. Your nonprofit will raise tens of millions of dollars in one month. OK, maybe not all nonprofit fundraising is that simple, but what is the answer? Nonprofit fundraising saw a new spectrum of awareness this month with the creation of the “Ice …

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Business Sales Sheet

Not another boring sales sheet: In 6 steps

This article is actually about creating an effective sales sheet. I just wanted to clarify that for any Google bots reading this, in case they take my title the wrong way. They aren’t quite as sophisticated as humans yet, although they are getting scarily close. OK, and on to the humans reading this…Let’s start with …

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