Following the steps below, you'll be on your way to creating fashionable glitter styled text in no time at all.

Fashionable glitter styled text with Photoshop effects

Are you creating a fashion magazine? Do you need specialized type designs for catalog printing, or booklet printing? Or maybe you just need to get that fashionable title up for a special promotional flyer printing or brochure? Well, it is easy to do fashionable glitter styled text if you have Photoshop. You do not even need full classes to know how to do it. Even if you are a beginner, just follow the steps below and you are way on your road to creating fashionable glitter styled text in no time at all.


1. One of the first and foundational core elements that you need to decide upon when you want to create fashionable glitter text is the font style of course. You cannot achieve that correct “fashion” or “in vogue” style if your font style is the typical “Times New Roman” or Arial font. So make sure that you first acquire the correct font style for your title. There should be many of those available in the Internet. Just go through the different free font databases on the web and you will see tons of font styles that you can use. Just install these fonts in your system.

Step 1


2. Once you have installed the font that you need, it is time to type it up. Just open your Adobe Photoshop and use the Text Tool to write your fashionable title.

Step 2

3. Right mouse click on our text layer and select “Duplicate Layer”. Do this step two times to get a total of 3 copies of our layer.

Step 3

4. Hide the bottom layer as a backup.

Step 4 

5. Now, instead of adding just a pure color, we will add a more “fashionable” gradient color to our fashionable text title. To do this, right click on the top layer copy of our text and select “Blending Options”.

Step 5

6. Click on the checkbox for Gradient Overlay and then click on the gradient color box on the options that appear.

Step 6

7. Just a two color gradient with an angle of 90 degrees in the gradient properties.

Step 7

8. Also, tick on the option for “outer glow” and set the size to 100 pixels or more to get a light shine effect.

Step 8

9. Below that, tick on the “inner glow” and use a 5 value for the size. Afterward, just click on OK.

Step 9 

10.  Great now we have a good color base for the text with glowing effects. Next we will add a little bit of noise First move our top layer (the one with the color gradient) one level lower. Select the new top layer we just got.

Step 10 

11.  Go to Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise...

Step 11

12.  Play with the noise percentage a bit, but a good value is around 12%-30%. Just look at the preview in the add noise window. Once done, click on ok.

Step 12 

13.  Next, reduce the opacity of this noise level by 20-30% depending on your look and color. This should finalize our glitter base.

Step 13

Step 14 

14.  Next we will add some twinkles. Create a new layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N), and then use the brush tool to create a fuzzy spot by making the brush large with 0% hardness. Color the brush white of course.

Step 15 

15.  Now, resize this layer to a thin line.

Step 16 

16.  Duplicate it and then invert the position of the duplicate like so.

Step 17 

17.  Merge these layers by right clicking on them when both are selected and choosing the merge layers option.

Step 18

18.  Then just duplicate this and reposition the duplicates as twinkles and sparkles.

Step 19

19.  Reduce or increase their sizes to add a more natural effect.

20.  Also, reduce or increase their opacity levels to similarly get a more random and natural sparkle effect.

Step 20

21.  Once done, you should have a nice glittery and glowing text effect for your fashionable titles.



22.  Just add the appropriate background to make your design come out and you should be all set.

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