6 Tips for Ordering Business Cards

Business cards are a way to promote your business anytime, anywhere. They allow you to take advantage of unexpected opportunities to network, giving new contacts your information in a professional way. There is a lot weighing on your business card printing pieces because they are often the first impression people get of your company. Here are some tips for ordering cards that will represent your business well.

  1. Order Quality Cards
    Giving out quality cards means giving people a good impression of your business. When you are ordering business cards, choose quality paper stock, maybe even something with texture. Also choose full color printing and full bleeds because these will make your cards look their best.
  2. Buy Smaller Quantities at First
    Most printing companies offer business cards in multiples of 250 or 500. For your first business card order, one of those numbers is about right. That way you can test the effectiveness of your card and make changes for your next printing.
  3. Choose Designs Similar to Your Other Media
    Your business cards should look similar to your newsletters, brochures, calendars, fliers, labels, signs, and any other print media you use. Keeping a consistent look helps to build brand recognition and just looks professional. Keep a similar color scheme and typeface, and use the same logo on everything.
  4. Do Not Crowd the Card
    Avoid putting too much information on your business cards. They are small, so using a lot of information means using a tiny font size. You want people to be able to read your cards with ease. The info you need to put on the card is your logo, tag line, name, phone number, and web address. If you want to put anything else on the card, print it on the back.
  5. Do Something Unusual
    Look for unusual options when ordering business cards. You might choose rounded edges or include a photograph on your cards. You could also include artwork or use colored text. Anything that can make your card memorable will make your investment pay off.
  6. Proofread Before Printing
    Make sure you proofread your card several times before giving the printer the okay. Business cards with the wrong contact information are worthless. Most printers will offer an electronic proof for free; but be sure to have several people check it before approving the card for thorough editing.

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