8 Common Services a Postcard Printing Company Provides

Postcards are one of the more popular direct mail tools because of the high rate of success and the low dent they cause in the marketing budget. Avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong printer and cancelling out a brilliant design. Take the time to peruse the list of 8 most common printing services below before beginning the search for a postcard printing company to complete the design process thoroughly.

  1. A printing company should make ordering postcards simple. If the ordering process appears confusing and time-consuming, skip that printer and try the next one on the list.
  2. Although most postcards are the standard 4x6 size because of cheaper mailing prices, sometimes a larger size is necessary. Find a printer that offers several sizes for those postcards that need to be larger to avoid a cluttered look.
  3. Design services offered should include free templates that are easy to download in the format needed. A printing company may also provide an online design tool but should always offer the option to upload a design of your own. More importantly, your company should be the focus. If a printing company requires you to include their own logo on your card, find another printer.
  4. Postcard printing companies need to provide proofs of the project. Proofreading the final product for typos and layout errors prevents the time-consuming hassle of reprinting an entire order. Some printers offer mail proofs which allows you to see how the physical product will look.
  5. If a printing company cannot deliver the order in a week, use a different printer. Most commercial printers are able to fulfill an order in a week at the most, and some can even offer a same day turnaround.
  6. Know the cost of postcard printing up front. Some printers have all inclusive prices which make determining the total cost easy. Other printing companies show the cost per standard postcard but price options such as trimming to a custom size separately. If so, make sure that the website does the math for you.
  7. When postcards are delivered to the office, the job is still unfinished. Now comes labelling hundreds or more postcards and then the inconvenience of driving to the post office to mail them. Or find a printer that will mail the postcards right off the press. All you need to do is supply a list, and sometimes a printer will even purchase this for you.
  8. A newer printing company may be offering the lower price but do not have the customer service needed for any questions you may have regarding printing or mailing your postcard. Choosing a company with knowledgeable customer service representatives will insure they can answer any question and provide expert advice.

Printing postcards is one of the most important steps in the design process. So choose a printer carefully so that your time and energy is not wasted.

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