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The only way to raise money at your fundraising event is to get a lot of people to attend.

Ways to Advertise Your Fundraising Event

The only way to raise money at your fundraising event is to get a lot of people to attend. What exactly is the best way to accomplish this goal? Generate excitement and draw a crowd with the following advertising ideas:

Create and Hang Posters and Fliers 
Putting up poster printing advertisements and flyers is a good way to get the locals interested. You can hang a print poster in several public places such as libraries, chambers of commerce, college campuses, and town halls. You can also ask local businesses if they will let you put up posters in their window; they might even let you leave a stack of flyers for people to take.

To create a compelling print poster and flyer, keep the tone up-beat and conversational; it is also best to keep your message simple so people can take it in at a glance. For the most impact, use one great image that helps explain what your cause is all about. For really attractive posters, have them printed professionally and in full color.

Write a Press Release or Editorial 
Your local newspaper will most likely be happy to print a press release or editorial about your fundraising event. If you explain your cause and event in a compelling way, you might even get them to feature a story about it. You never know, it might even make the front page.

Contact Local TV Stations 
You might even get local TV stations to do a story on your event and air it on the evening news. Lots of stations are looking for positive stories to round out their program these days.

Invite People on Facebook 
Take advantage of online networking sites like Facebook. Post information about the fundraiser on your page, and invite people to join a group supporting your cause. You can also send invitations to your event. Be sure to give frequent updates so people remember about it.

Do a Mass Mailing 
You can buy a mailing list from an online database. Then mail out short and interesting newsletters about your fundraiser. You could also mail out well designed postcard invitations to your fundraiser, since many people will not take time to read a letter; on the postcard you could include some websites related to your cause and event for people to learn more if they are interested.

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