Principles of Design-Space

Space is one of the most crucial aspects to consider in order to come up with effective designs and layouts.

Smart Print Design: All About Space

In graphics design, space is one of the most crucial aspects to consider in order to come up with effective designs and layouts. Beautiful artwork, after all, is the result of the perfect arrangement of both the active and the passive elements in your design, and the same holds true for commercial prints. Don’t know what to do with all that space in your postersbusiness cards, and brochures? Read on.

Positive Space. Any space occupied by the major elements of your work, such as the text, images, clip-arts etc. is called the positive space. How these elements will interact with each other and form a coherent message is determined by how well you position them, which means that the proper use of positive space is important to a good design.

Negative Space. Negative space is basically the blank portions around and between all of the major design elements. Because most designs tend to use a white background, negative space is also often referred to as white space. Rookie designers sometimes get fixated so much on positioning the words and the pictures that they forget to check whether or not the negative space is being used properly. Generally, the white space is used in order to give people a chance to rest their eyes, and poor use of negative space will only serve to confuse and distract. 

Using Space in Graphics Design. Whether you  focus on accentuating the positive space or the negative space, you should always remember to design with a specific goal in mind. Think of what you want people to feel and to think when looking at your designs and make decisions around this. A practically blank page can be just as effective as a full page of words and pictures as long as you know how the space affects the beauty of your design. And if you don’t, it is an easy thing to start with the basics.

People often forget that a print consists of not only the portions with ink but also those without. Managing the space in designs may seem like a daunting task at first, but in the end it is really just a simple concept involving balance and symmetry. Next time you choose a design, observe how a simple change of symmetry and spacing can affect the feel of your artwork, and this will be the first step towards mastering the use of space.

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