Well designed booklets printed by a skilled commercial printer are an excellent way to reach out to customers.

Basic Booklet Design Considerations

Custom booklets are an excellent way of reaching out to customers, especially if they are well designed and are printed by a skilled commercial printer. PrintPlace.com will make the design process for your booklet printing order as easy as possible, but it never hurts to have some basic concepts at your disposal. Here are a few things to consider when creating your custom booklet.

Who are my customers? Knowing your customers is crucial. Perfect booklets are designed to appeal to your audience, and if you don’t know who they are, you would have no place to start. Assign your customers into identifiable groups (teens, women, animal-lovers, etc.) because this makes it easier for you to make appropriate decisions regarding your booklet.

What do they need to know? You have many choices when it comes to booklet content. Tips and tricks regarding your trade or a sales pitch about your offered products are good topics to start with. What’s important is to choose a topic that would interest your chosen audience without excluding any other person or group.

How should my booklet look like? After determining your chosen audience and the main topic, you can now focus on the actual design of your booklet. Things like size, paper, and bind are basic parameters, but even more important are the color quality, graphic design, and layout of your booklet. This is where you can establish the identity and credibility of your company, so it is good if you don’t rush.

Booklet design is a simple question and answer process, and when you find some questions tough, PrintPlace.com is sure to give you a hand. PrintPlace.com believes that every customer deserves only the best booklets in the market, and you should expect nothing less.

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