Biggest Booklet Printing Blunders

Booklet printing is fraught with disasters. The main point that catches most designers and small businesses off guard is that booklets are typically printed in four and eight page increments. This makes having just the right information in just the right place difficult. It’s easy to mess up on a number of levels.

So take a look at of some of the biggest booklet printing blunders businesses tend to make. Hopefully you can avoid some of these mistakes and save yourself a lot of time and money.

Blank pages

Recalling the 4-8 page increments in which booklet printing is developed, accidentally sending your booklet printing project to the printing press with blank pages can be easier to do than you think. This is especially true when making last minute changes. Make sure one person has a responsibility of double and triple checking the final format and layout.

Too much information

Sure, it is a booklet, but it is not a full fledged book. There’s a temptation if you have two or three extra pages left to try to cram all kinds of extra, useless information into the pages. It is better to trim back and remove four pages than to try to fill two or three pages with junk or fluff.


Full color booklets are what consumers expect. If you cannot afford to print full color booklets, consider a fancy brochure instead. A colorless booklet is sure to end up in the one place you don’t want it: the trash can.

Small orders

A lot of businesses make the mistake of ordering too few booklets. Don’t be afraid to ask the printing firm how much it would cost to double your order. You may be surprised to find that this only increases the cost of your booklet printing project by a little bit. It’s worth asking to see where you may be able to find a price break point.


In the rush to send the booklet printing project off to the presses, many businesses fail to order a proof, or test copy. The few extra days you will have to wait are worth it for several reasons. First, it will give you a chance to see what the final product will look like and make any needed changes. Second, it gives you a break after spending a lot of time putting the booklet together. Finally, having the final product in your hand can give you new perspectives and insight.

Don’t make these mistakes with your booklets. Taking a little extra time can keep your booklet printing project free of disasters.

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