Successful catalog design begins with first planning and organizing your team.

Catalog Marketing Continues to Dominate in the Digital Age

Today, catalog marketing is used by different companies to sell their products. Many companies selling everything from beauty and health supplies to musical instruments only market their products through direct mail, which means that the layout of their catalog is of the utmost importance. The catalog is the only way for these businesses to connect with and update clients. If a business creates a mailout product of poor quality, the buyer, more than likely, will not give the inner pages a second glance. A successful catalog marketing business takes careful planning before the actual designing step can begin. Below are some helpful solutions for preparing your catalog for the direct mail industry.

Begin the planning process by putting together a team. You will need an editor, writers, and artists. The editor should make sure that all parties know the goals of the catalog so that each member will create articles and layouts that reach these goals. Next, determine your audience and your image. For instance, if your clients are mostly rock bands, use an edgy look but not so exclusively rock that your country artists and folk singers do not want to buy your products. Finally, find a printing company that will provide enough services for you to design a professional catalog. Many printers will only print your product while others may offer mailing and consulting as well. wants to help you with your catalog marketing by becoming your printing partner. We offer services such as mailing, a design team, free templates, full color printing, and instant quotes. Our options include several cover stocks, five standard sizes, custom trim, and proofs. knows the importance of creating a high quality catalog for your marketing needs, so print with us and get the results you need to sell more products.

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