Not just any photograph will do in a catalog, here are a few pointers to dazzle the reader into ordering.

Catalog Printing: Photography Tips

One of the most important elements in a catalog are the photographs of the products. The product images are what will either encourage a reader to stop on a page to take a longer glance or cause them to keep flipping without pausing long enough to make a purchase. Not just any photograph will do in catalog printing, and neither will a thrown together layout of the images. Here are a few pointers for catalog artwork that dazzles the reader into ordering more products.

1. Pictures are more stunning when they display the product with a neutral backdrop and light shadow. Not only is this style more eye-catching but it also makes the items appear bigger than if the background was an outdoor shot, for instance.

2. Use photos of single items. Studies have shown that individual shots produce more sales than group pictures.

3. Cautiously use a supplier's photographs of items. Many suppliers are not trying to sell directly to a consumer, but instead sell products only to you, a retail business. For this reason, many suppliers do not need to produce high quality photographs of their products.

4. When designing the layout, first organize images into logical groups. For instance, a flower magazine may place annuals and perennials into separate piles, and then further break those groups into family categories. Next, choose the feature products or most appealing items to place in the corners of a spread. When flipping through a catalog, readers generally glance at the upper right corner. If nothing catches their attention, they keep flipping. Once they pause, though, their eyes generally move to the top left corner, down to the bottom left, then to the bottom right, and finally to the other items located in the middle.

5. The purpose of a catalog is to make sales, which is why using a professional photographer whenever possible is necessary. Find one who will charge an hourly rate as this could cost less when you need a large amount of photos taken. Also ask for full ownership of the image. This way, you can use the artwork wherever and whenever you want.

Catalog photographs are the only way to convince readers of product quality in order to make sales. Therefore, put most of your design energy into the photographs so that your catalog printing is worth every penny.

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