Trends in Catalog Printing That Surprised Everyone

Catalog printing is still a necessary part of a well rounded marketing and advertising campaign. Catalogs serve as a reference material for customers, provide opportunities for cross selling, and keep your products and services at your customers’ fingertips. Catalog printing often has a high return on investment, so expect catalog printing to be around for long time yet.

A number of trends have emerged recently for catalog printing. You should be aware of these trends as your competition may very well be taking advantage of opportunities of which you were not aware. Key trends include full color catalogs, coupons, and extra large catalogs.

Full color catalog printing

If your company has an extensive product line, then full color catalogs are not an option – they are a requirement. Customers expect full color graphics and pictures, and anything less appears to be substandard anymore. Also consider that more and more companies are going with 100# high gloss paper to further enhance the appearance of the catalog.


Another important trend is that some catalogs include coupons and tear away stickers that can be redeemed at the retail store. These are simple to include in your catalog printing project, so do not worry about the increased headache you think this might cause. The improved response rate of coupons can dramatically improve your return on investment as well.

Extra large catalogs

For years the traditional size of catalogs was 8.5 X 11 inches. Now, more businesses are using 12 X 12 and other large sizes. While there are increased costs associated with larger catalog printing projects, you also need fewer pages as you now have more room to fit more products on one page. Often the increased costs of the paper size are offset by the need for fewer pages. Large format catalog printing is eye catching and intriguing for customers, which is why more businesses are shifting to this format.


Catalog printing is a form of advertising and marketing that will be around for many years to come, regardless of new medium such as the Internet. Try following one of the new trends above for rising to a new level in your catalog printing.


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