The effectiveness of your print marketing materials lies heavily on their design and layout.

Checklist for Print Marketing Materials

The effectiveness of your print marketing materials lies heavily on their design and layout. The following checklist contains a few of the important items that you won't want to forget when you are creating print materials: 
1. Text color should contrast background adequately 
Check your text to background contrast. If your brochure printing piece is hard to read, then it simply won't get read. 
2. Font sizes and line spacing should make reading easy 
If you are unsure about font sizes, then err on the side of too big. The same goes for line spacing. It is better to leave a little extra white space than not enough. 
3. Give your images tag lines to explain them 
You may have the perfect photograph for your booklet or brochure printing, but unless you add a tag line your message may get lost. Remember, many readers scan the page for images and tag lines before they begin to read the text body. 
4. Place your logo where it will be seen 
Typically this means the upper left hand corner of the page. This is where the eye falls first. If you are brochure printing, then you can place it on the bottom portion of your front or back cover along with one in the upper left corner of the inside. 
5. Use a tag line that makes the company's purpose clear 
This should briefly outline what purpose you serve and who you can best serve. Keep it simple and meaningful instead of catchy. 
6. Layout should be easily understood 
Your information should be written in order. Use subheads to organize sections and be purposeful about where you place images. 
7. Don't forget contact information 
In order for your reader to take action, they must be able to get a hold of you. Include all of your information in the beginning or end of your booklet or brochure printing. 
8. Clear and concise headlines and subheads 
These are the signs that lead your readers though your printed materials. They could also be the only thing that people read. Make the most of them. 
9. Contents page for longer brochures and booklets 
This lets the reader know where to find what they need to find. Without a table of contents, a reader may give up before they even begin, especially if they don't have the time to search through your booklet printing piece for the specific information they need. 
10. Keep colors and styles consistent throughout 
Use a consistent color and style for your entire marketing line. This will reinforce your brand and create reliability for your customers. 
11. Use emphasis sparingly 
If every other word is in bold or italics, then nothing is emphasized. Use emphasis only on the truly noteworthy content. 
12. In your text body, be concrete and descriptive and avoid jargon 
Your readers do not understand the lingo of your business. Your brochure printing must make sense to everyone, so use simple language that is easy to understand. The only exception is if your company mainly deals with other businesses who understand technical terms and need to see you using them to believe in your validity. 
Although this checklist is not all inclusive, it will cover most of your bases. Use your creativity to make your print market materials your own and always use a checklist to make sure they are up to spec.

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