Discover how to create a sleek extruded glass effect for text with these techniques in Photoshop.

Creating an extruded glass text effect using Adobe Photoshop

Sleek glass effects are popular as of late in many design fields. Many are aiming for glossy type glass effects with a 3D extruded style for their titles, logos and headlines. If you want to match those professionals when it comes to that style particularly when brochure printing or flyer printing, you can do it by just following this guide here. You will learn how to create extruded glass text here using Adobe Photoshop. Just read and learn about the techniques below, and you will learn how to do this easily on your own. So just read on and discover.


1. First setup your new document. If you are aiming to produce this title or headline in print, make sure you increase your resolution appropriately. 300ppi or higher is recommended for resolution.

Step 1 

2. Next, add a dark background. Depending on your theme you should try out something dark. However you should go for something other than black though. Just to make things look more interesting. For our example, we are using a color gradient of dark blue to lighter blue.

Step 2

3. Now type in your text. Use a white color for the text for now. It would be better to use wide or fat type font styles to make sure you have enough text surface to make the impression of extruded glass.

Step 3

4. Next, duplicate your text by right clicking on our initial text layer and clicking on “duplicate”. Make sure you place this new duplicate at the back of our original text layer.

Step 4

5. Then change the duplicate’s color to a darker shade than white and reduce its width a bit. This will simulate part of the extrusion.

Step 5

6. Now we will apply a few blending options. Right click on the text on top text layer and click on “Blending options”.

Step 6

7. Tick the drop shadow option. Use the Multiply blend mode. Add a 75% opacity value, 90 degree angle, 3 pixel distance and 10 pixel size.

Step 7

8. Tick the Bevel and Emboss option. Use an inner bevel style, with a depth of 100%, size of 1 pixel and 0% soften. For the shading options use a 120 Degree angle and an altitude of 33 degrees. (untick use global light here).

Step 8

9. Finally click on the satin checkbox. Use a lighter blue color for the blend mode with an opacity of 50%.

Step 9 

10.  That should give you an “Almost” extruded glass like effect.


11.  Next we will add blending options for the darker layer underneath. Right click on the darker layer below our original layer and choose again Blending Options. Tick on drop shadow and add a 75% opacity value, 90 degree angle, 3 pixel distance and 30 pixel size.

Step 11

12.  Again, Tick the Bevel and emboss option. Use an inner bevel style, with a depth of 100%, size of 1 pixel and 0% soften. For the shading options use a 30 Degree angle and an altitude of 30 degrees. (untick use global light here).

Step 12 

13.  Click on the satin checkbox. Use Color burn as the blending mode style in black. Go for an opacity of 40%, angle of 19 degrees. Use the value of 10 for distance and 13 pixels for size. Invert the option by clicking on the invert tick box.

Step 13

 14.  Finally add a dark blue color overlay with 100% opacity.

Step 14

15.  This should finish our base elements. Now we will add some effects.

Step 15

16.  Duplicate our main text layer on top in a different manner. Simply hold the CTRL key and click on its thumbnail in the layer view to select the present area it covers. Then create a new layer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. Fill The selected area in the new layer with white.

Step 16

17.  Afterward, click on the elliptical marquee tool and select the bottom of the adjustment layer.

Step 17

18.  Erase the bottom of the layer so that you see the original layer below.

Step 18 

19.  Then adjust the opacity of the top most layer to around 50-65% depending on your design.

Step 19 

20.  Great! Now we have a nice extruded, glossy and glass effect text for your title.  

Final Product


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