Used correctly, emblems can make the titles and headings on your projects look even more impressive.

Creating Glossy Chrome Vehicle Emblems

There is a certain elegance to vehicle emblems that, if used correctly, would make any of your titles and headings on your booklet printing or brochure printing projects look all the more impressive. And you may not expect it, but it is actually quite easier to accomplish than you think. There are many steps to remember and many features to learn, but this quick guide should be able to lead you through the entire process without too much trouble. Interested in learning how to do it? Let us start with step 1.

Now, it is pretty easy to do this effect in Photoshop if you do the right effects in order. This guide should be your easy reference in doing this properly. Let us start with the text of your title for this vehicle emblem style.

1. First, setup a document that is black. It is better to do this it makes the chrome emblem look better.

Step 1

2. Next, type in your text for your title or vehicle emblem. Make sure to choose a clear sans serif style font so that it is easier to understand. Of course you can use anything that you want if you have a specific theme in in mind. Use a white colour for now, but we will change this later.

Step 2

3. Now, we will add a stroke. Most vehicle emblems have a kind of border around the letters, before the real chrome plating of the text/emblem. So we will simulate that with a stroke. Just right click on your text layer and select blending options.

Step 3 

4. Once the layer style window is open, tick the option “Stroke” and set the size to 4px.

Step 4 

5. Also, change the colour of the stroke to a gray style. Try the color #555555, then adjust when necessary for your theme.

Step 5 

Once done, you should have a basic text with a border. Now, we will add that chrome look.

Step 5a

6. To add that chrome look, we will need to use gradients.  To do this, simply open up the blending options window again.

7. Once it is open, tick on the option gradient overlay. Then, click on the Gradient box so that we can customize the colours of our gradient.

Step 7

8. Once you have clicked the gradient color, try to start with the Chrome style gradient combination.

Step 8

9.  Now change the positions as seen on the graphic below.

Step 9

10.  Change the color values left to right as follows:

  • #858585
  • #4e4e4e
  • #676767
  • #ffffff
  • #d9d9d9

11.  Now, as you can see, the gray of our border is blending too much with the text.  We will solve that by splitting our stroke in the text.

Step 11

12.  Do this by right clicking on the stroke effect in the layer of your text. Once the context menu appears, click on create layers.

Step 12

13.  This splits off the gradient color and the stroke color into their own layers.

Step 13 

14.  Now, to make the text and chrome effect come out, open the blending options again for your main text.

15.  Tick the stroke options again. This time change these settings:

  • Size: 2px
  • Fill Type: Gradient
  • Gradient: Reverse
  • Angle: 90 Degrees.

Step 15  

16.  Then click on the gradient box. Choose the gradient settings we used again earlier.

Step 16 

17.  Once done, tick on Bevel end emboss.

Step 17 

18.  Use these settings:

  • Depth: 1000%
  • Size: 25px
  • Gloss Contour: Ring
  • Anti Aliased: tick
  • Highlight mode Opacity: 100%
  • Shadow mode Opacity: 24%

19.  Finally, tick on outer glow, and then click OK.

Step 19 

20.  Now, if you see the result, this looks more like a metal emblem already.

Step 20 

21.  Let us change the background to a cherry red color, just like a sports car.

Step 21 

22.  As a finishing touch, select the layer of the GRAY STROKE that we did earlier.

Step 22 

23.  Open its blending options, and tick of Bevel and Emboss and Drop Shadow.

Step 23 

24.  The result should be a nice looking car emblem or car name.

Final Product 

25.  You can apply this to any text or any other shape or emblem you like.

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