Custom poster printing can establish a distinct identity for your company, setting you apart from other advertisers.

Which Custom Poster Printing Choices Work for You?

Like other promotional tools, posters perform best and have better results when they are customized to fit the campaign needs of a business. In addition to communicating a personalized message clearly to your target audience, custom poster printing can also establish a distinct identity for your company, setting you apart from other advertisers.

Here are some basic tips from for a more effective custom poster printing campaign.


For your full color poster campaign to succeed, your posters should have the ability to grab the viewer’s attention and keep it long enough convey your message. To do this, you will need a custom poster printing design that is out of the ordinary. As much as a crazy design can catch anyone's eye, it doesn't always send the right message to your reader. Keeping this in mind, make sure to plan and deliberate over the best design customized to your liking, while keeping in tune with the theme and message of your campaign. Start with something simple and work from there.

Use the large scale of the custom poster printing format to your advantage. Choose images which best represent your company, event or product and give them more prominence than less vital images. On the same note, be sure to choose wisely the colors on your poster, as each color provokes a different reaction. Use elements moderately. Too many colors or images are overwhelming and will prevent your message from being clearly transmitted to the reader.

Catch Phrase

The text you use for your custom poster printing is as important as the images you choose. Take time to plan and come up with the best catch phrases, titles and supporting lines to complement and support your design to project the message you intend. Be brief, as many readers will be on the move when they see your poster. Don’t just come up with a run-of-the-mill tagline; make sure your catch phrase provides a memorable impression on your target audience. Keep in mind that with text as well as colour and images, less can be more on a poster. Make it short, clear, convincing and memorable and make sure the size of your text is proportionate to the images it represents.

The PrintPlace Difference

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