Utlilize space well and take advantage of the motto "bigger is better" when designing custom posters.

Inspirational Ideas for Designing Custom Posters

The statement “bigger is better” seems to be the motto for modern advertising, which is why so many companies are using posters to market new products or services, to spread the word about upcoming events, or even to use as giveaways such as inspirational art. One mistake that some businesses make when marketing through poster printing is using a poster template containing a generic design. No matter how you utilize a poster, the constant underlying purpose is to promote your brand. Therefore, design your own custom posters to display your company image effectively. The following tips are some ideas for creating eye-catching, riveting posters:

Simplicity: Some of the best posters do not say much. Sometimes a company will simply place their logo on a poster with a complimenting color for the background. Even if the point of the poster is to advertise a new product, try a simple layout. For instance, include a photo of the product, a catchy line, and a website address that is easy to remember. People are curious. They’ll go to the website just to see the scoop on the latest and greatest technology.

Color: Use colors that are a part of your brand. If you want to change it up a little, try using the same colors but in a different layout. For instance, instead of using orange text on a white background, try white text on an orange background.

Images: Take pictures with the company digital camera (set on the highest resolution) and write one-line inspirational messages for each. Incorporate the images and statements into motivational posters imprinted with your logo.

Printing: Find a custom poster printer that offers custom options. Also choose a wholesale printing company so that you can saturate areas with posters without going above your budget.

Posters are not worth the cost if they do not accurately portray your company brand. So next time you create custom posters, keep the company image in the forefront and from this image let the design flow for a campaign that successfully fulfills its purpose.

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