Guidelines for Finding a Brochure Printing Company

After the design work on a brochure is complete, it is time to send the plans to print. An online brochure printing company often offers lower prices and more options than small print shops down the street. Plus, with online printing the complete transaction occurs without needing to abandon the office. Finding a high quality printer, though, can be overwhelming without having a guideline to follow. Below are the services offered by brochure printing companies that can help weed out the cheap quality printers.


Keep brochure cost low by ordering wholesale quantities. Wholesale printing companies can offer discounted prices because the larger the order, the lower the cost to print each brochure. The reason is that the commercial machines can print, cut, and coat multiple papers at once in the same order, saving the company time and cost to run machines. Usually wholesale quantities begin at a minimum amount of 250 and can range to over 10,000.


Brochures can be any size and folded any way needed. Avoid limiting creativity with printing businesses that only offer the standard sizes and folds. Also, a printer should only use full color, also known as four color, printing for high quality image and color results. Avoid a brochure printing company that only offers varnish coating. UV gloss and aqueous coatings are better choices for those brochures that will be roughly handled. Any templates offered should be free for download.


Most online companies provide a package containing sample work, which can put the mind at ease with digital ordering. A professional printer, though, should go beyond sample work and offer proofs of the order, which provide the opportunity to double check accuracy. Some brochure printers will send next day mail proofs giving a tangent visual of the finished project.


Online wholesale printers should finish and deliver a project as quickly as, if not more quickly than, a local print shop. Anywhere from a same day to seven day turnaround is acceptable for a wholesale brochure order.


A professional printer should be able to mail your job to your intended recipients if necessary. Another perk that some online companies offer are mailing services. Avoid labeling, stamping, and mailing hundreds or thousands of brochures on company time by using the printing company for this time-consuming work instead. A few may even provide a mailing list.


Knowing an estimated price for a print job helps in keeping within a budget. A brochure printing company should provide the quote immediately once an order is completed, preferably before the proofs have been received. Often adding such options as mailing and design can vary the final cost, so contact the printing company when using extra services.

The best brochure printing company is one that offers a variety of services and printing jobs so they can be used again for a new campaign of postcards or flyers, for instance. So avoid limiting future orders by choosing a printing company that can fulfill any needs.

Brochures can take your business to new heights! Capitalize on high quality brochure printing at low prices every day. Shop our brochures and see for yourself.

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