Of all the seasons, Halloween may just be the holiday that allows for the most creativity.

Halloween Promotional Tips

One of the biggest sales times of the year is the Halloween season, so it’s important to take advantage of this holiday with solid promotional advertising.  Of all the seasons, Halloween may just be the holiday that allows for the most creativity.  For example, you can go with scary themes, harvest themes, or friendly ghost themes.  Depending on your customers, you can tailor a Halloween promotional theme to fit their expectations.  The following are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. 
Carved out greeting cards 
Everybody likes getting a greeting card in the mail.  They are a friendly reminder that someone has been thinking about them.  During Halloween season, you can try a jack-o-lantern design that includes a portion of the front of the greeting card that is cut out.  This striking design trick is sure to bring smiles or scares, depending on your goals. 
Boogeyman brochures 
Do your customers struggle with a particular problem on a regular basis? Think about creating a new monster that you feature throughout the design of your brochures that characterizes your customers’ problems.  If you own a plumbing service, maybe you could use a hairball monster.  Own a pet grooming store?  Maybe a fluffy, frizzy, and frightening creature will bring a smile to a customer's face. 
Final freaky thoughts 
Whatever interesting Halloween ideas you implement, do not forget that this is all about improving sales.  Include a call to action that encourages your customer to visit your website and drop by your store.

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