Your business cards represent and reflect your brand and your way for doing business.

How to Tie Your Business Card To Your Twitter Account

Your business cards reflect your brand and your way for doing business. If your target audience is part of the Tweeting community, you should make sure that you create a Twitter account and use it to market your business. Your Twitter account should be on your business card and your virtual business card should be on your Twitter account. Make sure that you take the necessary steps for tying your business cards and Twitter account together for a more successful marketing campaign.

Place Twitter on Your Business Card
Your printed business card should have the essentials for doing business; therefore, your name, phone number, and address have always been a must. In recent years, online business has increased to the point that web addresses are a must as well. Nowadays, if you Tweet you should definitely include your Twitter account on your card. Some people choose to list it with the web address. Others add it to the back of their card with any number of social networking addresses. Choose the placement that works out best for your business.

Use Twitter as a Virtual Business Card
You can spend some time creating a Twitter profile that reflects your brand. For instance, include the same information on your profile as on your printed business card: your name, phone number, physical address, and any links to online social networking sites along with your web address. This way, anyone can get the information they need to contact you from your Twitter profile.

Use TwtBizCard 
This nice application merges your online information into a virtual business card. All you have to do is go to TwtBizCard and connect your Twitter account with the app. Your avatar, Twitter bio, updates, and follower accounts will automatically be pulled in by the application to create a shell for your business card. Once the merge is complete, you can edit the virtual business card all you want. With TwtBizCard, exchanging business cards is easy; just @reply to a Twitter name with the hashtag #twtBizCard.

By tying your business card to your Twitter account, you can exchange your information with ease and create a seamless online/ offline brand. So update your Twitter profile and printed business card so that both advertise the other, and you are sure to see an improvement in your marketing efforts.

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