Brochures: When To Do It In-house or Go Outsourced

Custom Design or Template
Do you need a highly customized design for your brochure printing project? Most brochures feature specific products and services. Sometimes templates can facilitate the unique needs of your products. More often than not, a custom design is needed. Unless you have a great deal of experience with design or you have specialists on staff, outsourcing custom brochure printing is your best bet.

How Many?
How large is your brochure printing project? If you only need a few brochures, then printing in-house may be fine. Once you exceed as few as 20 brochures, outsourcing brochure printing can be much more cost effective. This is especially true if your brochure design includes paper cutting or folds. Professional printing firms can cut and fold paper many times faster than you or your staff.

Do you have the right equipment? This really boils down to what kind of brochure printing you’re trying to accomplish. Standard inkjet printers are capable of brilliant printing, but are slow and expensive to maintain. Even high-end inkjet printers cannot compete with the speed of a professional printing press, and time is money.

Final Thoughts
Depending on your needs, in-house or outsourcing brochure printing projects is a major decision. For short-runs with a simple design, in-house brochure printing is feasible. As soon as you need more than a few dozen brochures or introduce paper folding and cutting, you should seriously consider outsourcing.

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