Keeping Club Members Involved with Newsletters

Mailing a consistent newsletter to club members keeps them involved in between meetings and activities. Creating a connection among club members is an excellent way for keeping the club alive and members committed. Avoid throwing together a hasty newsletter as this could result in boring or poorly written text that no one wants to read. Keep the information relevant and interesting to readers by following a few tips for newsletter printing.

Tip No. 1: Inform members of the latest club accomplishments. Did your club raise money for a local charity? Offer classes to the community? Win first prize at the county fair? Updating members on club activities builds loyalty and pride, a necessity for long-term involvement.

Tip No. 2: Include a collage of photographs from the most recent activities. Members will enjoy reliving the moment and will also feel important and needed when they see themselves included in the photos.

Tip No. 3: A bulleted list of needs for the club will remind members of goals for which they are reaching and may also encourage donations. If a list of necessities is easily available, then members will be more likely to put more energy into fund-raising or seeking donations.

Tip No. 4: Include the financial status of your club. As with a list of needs, an awareness of finances keeps members involved in raising money for the club. Also, many members like knowing the financial records, so presenting a timely overview prevents continually printing out separate reports.

Tip No. 5: Write articles that are educational, interesting, or inspiring. Be sure they are topics that relate to the interests of club members. You may also want to incorporate crossword puzzles or other short word games that members will look forward to completing each issue.

Tip No. 6: You may want to occasionally include a profile on an exceptional member, community "hero," or donors. Honoring those who have accomplished much creates a positive profile for the club, something that is a necessity for growth.

Tip No. 7: Sending the newsletter to non-members builds awareness of your club. Maintain a professional appearance by using a newsletter printing company. Contrary to popular belief, if you need wholesale quantities (usually a minimum of 250), a commercial printer will not only keep costs low but also provide incredible quality. Plus, they can fold and mail newsletters directly from the press, saving you time for the more important club matters.

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