Low cost printing and cheap postage rates means postcards reach a wider audience for a fraction of the price.

Low Cost Postcard Marketing

Direct mail has proven to be a very successful advertising technique, especially if you have a mailing list of prospects who have indicated an interest in similar products. One variation on direct mail is the postcard marketing campaign. By taking advantage of both the low cost of printing, compared to an envelope and its stuffing, and the cheap postage rates for postcards, you can effectively reach the same audience for a fraction of the price.

Postcards are an excellent way to market your latest one time offer. They provide you the opportunity to send a full color, attention grabbing graphic with a message that can be quickly read without the inconvenience of an envelope. And with the high quality, low cost postcard printing offered by PrintPlace.com, they provide a significant savings to traditional mail outs.

Creating an effective postcard is similar to composing a flyer. Design the card's front so it clearly shows how your company benefits your potential customer, but keep it clutter free. Don't junk it up with your logo, or even your name! Although you are limited in space, you have plenty of room to effectively pitch your offer and identify yourself on the card's back. Of course, with the nine standard postcard sizes and the availability of custom trimming, offered by PrintPlace.com, your space may not be that limited.

Unlike other printers, we not only offer low cost postcard printing, but also provide mailing services that give you the ability to launch your campaign without ever leaving your desk. You also get the increased postal discount that comes with bulk mailing.

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