Flyers are perhaps one of the cheapest, most easily reproduced publicity materials available in printing.

Making Effective and Environment-friendly Flyers

Flyers are perhaps one of the cheapest and most easily reproduced publicity materials available in the commercial printing market, and usually this is a good thing. However, this also means that flyers are one of the top contributors to environmental waste as people who grow disinterested in them choose to simply throw them wherever they may land. As a smart business owner, you have to minimize the environmental impact of your actions, and for your flyers, has a few suggestions.

Waste less. You’d be surprised at how much paper you can save by simply adjusting your printing habits a little bit. For starters, whenever you can, opt for electronic proofs rather than having your printer produce actual proofs. You can also try to keep better control over how you distribute your prints in order to minimize the waste you produce.

Recycle more. Take things one step further by making use of recycled paper. Not only is this cheaper, it will also lessen the stress on the planet’s natural resources.  You think your small company can’t make a big difference? Think again! Anyway, glossy and expensive materials for flyers only makes you look arrogant and wasteful.

Ask about your ink options. Soy-based inks have a better impact on the environment than some of the usual ink alternatives offered to you. As a printing customer, you can do a lot by simply going for a different type of ink, so nothing’s stopping you from doing your part. With a short-term publicity material like flyers, the ink you use won’t make too much of a difference.

Don’t just live it, spread the word! You make your flyers so that you can spread the word about your company and your products, but this doesn’t mean you can’t insert a bit of public service announcements regarding green efforts. Live what you preach and preach what you live!

Being a bane to the environment won’t get you more customers. If anything, you would actually lose business if you’re not careful. Take the first step towards green printing with your flyers and you would find it much easier to take the rest of the steps.

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