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Why Musician Business Cards Make a Lot of Sense

In the business of making music? You need business cards whether you’re a musician, manager, club owner, or DJ. Word of mouth is how you get and stay busy, and business cards keep your contact information in front of decision-makers. But there are a few key notes you need to strike with your musician business cards to make sure customers are in tune to what you can do for them.

Know Your Audience
You don’t give your business cards to your fans. Reserve them for business contacts. As such, the design should be professional and simple. You don’t need to push your iTunes sales with this crowd, rather you want to give them the basic contact information they need to find you. Consider your website, email address, a cell phone, and possibly mailing address.

Exciting is Engaging
Professional doesn’t have to mean that your musician business cards are boring. Spice it up with full-color business cards or die cut designs. It’s okay to have creative cards, but try to balance interesting with professional by keeping your card design focused on your customer—your business contacts. The biggest blunder typically made is making cards that are too big to fit in a Rolex, making it unlikely that they keep your card around. So always combine practicality with originality and your musician business cards are sure to be ones that clients keep around for a long time to come!

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