For that extra touch, personalized invitations are an excellent way to make a big impression.

January 12, 2014

Personalized Invitations

Get your contact list together and sharpen your pencil - nothing speaks more to your invitees when you send them personalized invitations with their name in the greeting. Today it is easier than ever to add more than their name and you can even use personalized messages throughout the content with little effort.

Greeting Line
Most people just omit the “Dear <First Name> <Last Name>,” part of an invitation and opt for no greeting line at all. But you can make your invitations stand out by including their name. Also take the time to make sure your contact list is accurate. People get married and names change and typos are known to happen, too. While a personalized greeting line can be very eye-catching, it can be really embarrassing if the name is wrong.

Extra Personalized Content
It’s easy to weave your invitee’s name throughout the content of the letter. A simple example would be at the end of the invitation:

“Looking forward to seeing you soon, <First Name>!”

Of course, you can insert a name or address anywhere throughout the invitation. Don’t over-do it, but a greeting line and salutation are excellent places to put a name.

Save Time
With, printing personalized invitations is easy and takes hardly any time at all! Just send us your list in one of many following formats, and make sure each field is less than 50 characters:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Borland Paradox
  • dBase/Fox Pro
  • Comma delimited
  • Fixed length fields CR/LF
  • Std ASCII Fixed length file

You’ll receive your invitations by the turnaround time you specify, or use our mailing services to have them shipped directly to invitees. Then get ready to hear how impressed guests were by your personalized invitations!

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