Postcard Printing for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations must always be on the lookout for cost effective methods of fundraising. Direct mail postcard printing is a tried and true method that non-profit firms can use. This article discusses some postcard printing principles that every non-profit should strongly consider before launching a full fledged campaign.

Postcard Testing and Sampling
Before any large postcard printing campaign is launched, you should first send your postcards to a small sample to test the response. You may want to start with your directors and volunteers just so you can get some feedback. Next, send to a group of 30-50 individuals that have expressed interest in hearing from you. Once you have seen their responses, fine tune your campaign based on your new information. You may be surprised at how much your campaign will be improved by getting just a little bit of feedback.

Budgeting For Postcards
Like any business, non-profits must balance budgets carefully. Base your postcard printing campaign around an established budget. Once you have a budget you can then decide on where to focus your funds. You may decide to send out an oversized postcard to stand out in the mail, but only send relatively few. On the other hand, you may decide to send out a lot more postcards and save postage by going with the smaller sized postcard that is eligible for postcard mailing rates. Regardless of which way you go, you’re still working around the same budget.

Elements of Successful Postcards
Your postcard must accomplish three things to be successful:

  • Grab attention – your postcards cannot seem so generic that a potential donor will simply throw the postcard away with the junk mail.
  • Connect – once the donor has the postcard, you have to connect with them with a compelling message.
  • Deliver – if they decide they want to donate, you must make it easy for them to deliver the funds.

With these ideas in mind, any non-profit organization can have a successful postcard printing campaign. Carefully sampling, budgeting, and designing your postcards with your donors in mind will insure that your hard earned fundraising efforts do not go to waste.

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