Holidays are an excellent time to connect with your customers, and Labor Day is no exception.

Postcards for Labor Day: Themes and Ideas to Consider

Holidays are an excellent time to connect with your customers through postcard printing.  One unique holiday that many businesses miss out on is Labor Day.  Most marketing departments have already shifted their focus to Christmas or Thanksgiving, which means that your business has an excellent opportunity to advertise without the competition showing up in the mailbox at the same time.

Labor Day as a holiday is a bit different and has some unique considerations.  There are no real icons associated with Labor Day when compared to Christmas or Easter, as examples.  Short of a free day off work, there are not a whole lot of ways to connect with customers.  So here are a couple of creative ideas for using postcard printing during the Labor Day holiday.

Use postcard printing to get the word out about a Labor Day football party. College football is a common theme around Labor Day.  Consider offering a promotional event at which you barbecue some hamburgers and hot dogs while you and your customers watch one of the popular football games.  This is a great way to get customers out to your store. Plus, you can take the opportunity during commercial breaks to demonstrate some of your new products.

Playful themes 
Labor Day is all about playtime.  Connect with this theme using postcard printing by highlighting the ideas of relaxation and leisure.  Use a sales pitch along the lines of, “You deserve to relax. Our products are so reliable you don’t even have to think about them.” There countless ways to connect with this theme, so use your imagination.

Call to action 
Give customers a reason to come out to your store.  Use postcards to provide them with a coupon, tell them about a promotional sale, or offer new product demonstrations on Labor Day.  Your goal is to get them into your store where you can meet them face to face.

In summary 
Labor Day postcard printing could be a golden opportunity for your company.  Take advantage of this holiday and connect with customers while the competition is on vacation. You'll be able to take a nice vacation yourself once you see the incredible results from Labor Day marketing.

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