Lifestyle and image marketing is a major driving force in helping advertise products to youth.

Poster and Flyer Tips for Reaching the Youth

Advertisers use any number of methods when convincing young people to purchase their products. They use not only the product but also the lifestyle and image it will bring in their advertising efforts. Here are some tips that advertisers use for helping you reach youth with your own poster printing and flyer campaign.

Jump on the Bandwagon 
Advertisers encourage youth to join in with peers. When designing for poster printing, encourage teens to take part in the fun!

Add a Sense of Excitement! 
Exciting venues are par for the course in poster printing for youth. Sandy beaches, snowy mountain peaks, colorful jungles are popular scenes for fun and sports such as surfing, snowboarding, and skate boarding.

Fun with the Family 
Another popular way to advertise with poster printing for teens is to show your product in an environment of fun for the whole family. Young people see their peers having fun with your product in the midst of their family and believe that your product will provide an opportunity for fun with their own family.

Say It Again 
Repetition is an advertiser’s friend in poster printing and flyer campaigns geared to youth. Repeating a phrase or the product name increases the likelihood that viewers will purchase your product. In addition, displaying your posters and flyers in repetitive groupings also increase viewing time and thus the likelihood the product will be purchased.

Appeal to Their Image 
A youthful audience is extremely susceptible to their self-image in relation to that of their peers. Appeal to their desire to be cool in your poster printing and flyer marketing. Often advertisers accomplish this by showing an “uncool” young person trying their product which results in a transformation to a hip and cool teen. In a poster or flyer campaign, this can be accomplished with a series print that is displayed in close proximity so that passersby see the progression from uncool to cool.

Use an Iconic Character 
Think of the Trix bunny being chased by kids because “Trix are for kids.” An iconic character that kids can identify with or join for a common goal is a great selling point when advertising to youth. You may already have one associated with your brand or you may need to hire a graphic artist to help create one for you. 
Appealing to a young audience takes a youthful approach, and this can be difficult for some companies. Make sure you hire a designer or marketing personal with an eye for youthful trends so that your poster printing or flyer campaign will fulfill its purpose. 

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