As soon as postcards are in the hands of their intended recipients, they begin advertising.

January 12, 2014

8 Excellent Ways To Reinforce Postcard Offers

Postcard printing has an advantage over other forms of direct mail since your recipient will see your offer without needing to open an envelope. As soon as postcards are in the hands of their intended recipients, they begin advertising. This is why placing a “bribe” in bold font so that it is the first thing they see is a smart idea. Use the following offers to grab the attention of your potential customers or current customers. 

Rush Shipment Services
Rush shipment is an attractive bribe for customers if you time it right. Close to the holidays are prime times to offer rush shipment. However, any time is a good time to shorten a person’s wait.

Free Shipping
When you advertise free shipping on your postcards, you will appeal to the individuals that don’t like to pay shipping. You will also encourage those who do not mind shipping costs; it will be a pleasant extra for them.

Installment Plans
When you divide up a large purchase amount, you lessen the apparent pain of a large payment. Many people are willing to pay a small down payment and a few subsequent payments, rather than the total sum up front.

Bill Me Later
Our culture has developed a buy now pay later attitude. Most people are more willing to make a purchase if they can wait to pay.

Cumulative Incentives
Turn your postcards into punch cards. Offer a buy 5 get 1 free, or something similar. This encourages multiple purchases and customer loyalty.

Free Gift after Payment
A free gift at the time of purchase is a great way to get your customers to make their payment sooner rather than later. Make sure that the gift is nice enough that your potential customers will take the bait.

Choice of Free Gift
Giving your customers a choice of a gift distracts them from the idea of making a payment and turns their attention on what gift they want. Not only are they getting what they order, a free gift is coming too. 

Two-step Gift
Offer a free gift for simply trying your product. Then offer a larger gift for when they actually make a purchase. You will find that this encourages your customers to think of you often. 

Choose one of these bribes per direct mailing. It only takes one to get the attention you desire.

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