Attractive poster printing can be achieved when following some simple steps no matter your design software.

Steps for Creating an Impressive Music Poster

Band or concert posters are a necessity in the music industry for spreading the word about an upcoming concert or for giving fans a product to remember the night of the event.  Hiring a professional designer, though, may not be in your budget, especially if you are still breaking into the music business. Fortunately, attractive poster printing can be accomplished when following some simple steps no matter your design software.

1. Appropriate background
Start by choosing a background.  You can use a photograph of the band for the entire poster design, but using a separate background makes musicians stand out more.  Use dark colors with a lighter gradient image to create contrast. For instance, lets say you chose the outline of a guitar and the color black. Outline the guitar with white that eventually fades into the black background. Just make sure that the image you choose will not take away from the main focus - the band. Extend the background beyond the actual size of the poster so that when the poster printing company trims to the actual size, the background bleeds off of the edge.

2. Professional photograph
Choose a high resolution photograph of the band or musician. Cut out the band or musician from the picture and place the cropped image on top of your background making sure that the band stands out from the background. To accomplish this, you may need to place the band on a lighter area of the background or outline the band with a thin white line.

3. Name of the band
Use a large, readable font for the band's name and place it at the top of the poster.  Once again, make sure that it stands out from the background.  You may want to add a backdrop shadow and an outline around the words.

4. Event date, time, and location
At the bottom of the poster, write the date and time in a large font with the location below in a slightly smaller size.  Use the same font type that you used for the band name.

5. Supporting acts and sponsors
Next, include the supporting band names in the same font size as the location font.  At the very bottom of the poster in the smallest font size include any sponsors.

6. Printing
Use a professional poster printing company that offers full-color, offset printing for high quality results.  Printing wholesale quantities will save you money, and a wholesale printer can offer plenty of options and a quick turnaround.

Get your creativity flowing by observing other music posters. Just remember to match your design to the image of the band.

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