Whether you're a designer or a small business owner, Halloween provides lots of opportunities for getting creative.

Tips for Halloween Graphic Design

Whether you are a designer looking for ideas for a client or a small business owner who wants to design some marketing materials yourself, Halloween provides lots of opportunities for getting creative. This popular holiday opens up new avenues of design techniques for reaching your customers and beating out the competition. The following are a few tips to raise your creativity from the grave:

The tone that you set in your marketing materials needs to be in the spirit of the holiday. Spooks, haunts, or even just a simple harvest style are all appropriate themes for Halloween. You can even use a play on words, such as "Trick or Treat: Visit our website to receive your reward" or "The weed goblins have you spooked? Call us for a free lawncare estimate."

Incorporate ghostly legends into your printed brochures or catalog printing materials to encourage customers to flip through the pages. Or use a local legend as a theme for your Halloween promotional materials and advertisements to connect with the local public. Include traditions in your marketing with sayings such as "Only treats, no tricks!" or activities such as a pumpkin carving contest.

The most common colors associated with Halloween are black and orange, which are a color combination that easily captures attention. So don't be shy about incorporating these eye-catching colors onto postcards and posters. You may also want to use white for a ghostly theme; brown, red, and yellow for a harvest theme; or even purple and green for spiders and witches.

The icons available for Halloween are endless: witches, ghosts, werewolves, jack-o-lanterns, any creepy crawly, and harvest vegetables, to name a few. Have your printing company die-cut your postcards in the shape of the graphic design image, a pumpkin for example.

Go all out this Halloween with ghoulish or autumn graphic designs for your marketing campaign. Just avoid scaring certain customers away by designing for your audience so that you create a positive connection rather than an offensive one.

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