Whatever your situation, modern business card printing is an essential piece of your marketing.

Tips for a More Modern Business Card

Are you just starting out in business and creating a business card from scratch, or have you been in business for years and need to update your business cards? Whatever your situation, modern business card printing is an essential piece of your marketing. Here are some tips to help you design a more modern business card. 

Keep your message brief. Modern business card printing communicates the necessary information including website address, email address, and mobile phone number when applicable. Along with the business name, you may want to include your brief marketing tagline, such as “#1 in the state” or “The most service technicians in the state to keep you moving”, etc.

Use the back for more room. Many companies like to utilize the back of their business cards to increase their selling potential. There are ways to do this in a tasteful, modern way that is relevant to your business industry. Consider carefully what information you want to use on the back when business card printing. Choose short taglines informing consumers about your business’s ability to meet their needs, industry tips relevant to your customers, etc.

Use a quality card stock. Printing your business cards on a quality stock will add to the modern look and feel of your card. Business cards printed on a high quality stock also add to the favorable impression receivers will have of the value and competency your business will provide when doing business.

Professional graphic design will go a long way toward achieving a business card with a modern look. Designing a business card using freely accessed cartoon-like graphics could be detrimental to the look you are trying to achieve. Using a professional graphic designer will result in unique designs that are suited to the nature of your business and add to the modern look you want.

Use colors that represent your business. Color is a great way to attract attention and create a business card that will be memorable. Look for tasteful ways to incorporate color into your modern business card printing. Color can be used in the logo only with standard black font, or perhaps use a colored font. Another alternative is to use a full color background. Keep in mind that you need to maintain high contrast and use color with care to maintain the modern look of your design.

Keep in mind that your design can look as sleek and contemporary as your major competitors', but it will go unnoticed if not printed professionally. For the best results for your money, find an online business card printing company with experience and who guarantees their work. Nothing is better than having the confidence that your business cards will look as chic as you imagined.


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