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What to Check When You Customize Your Brochures

All businesses are not created equal. Every company has singular needs and demands; this applies to the promotional strategies, specifications and tools they require. In the relentless growth of today’s market, every brand must stand out in order to compete. That is why it is no surprise to any printer, whether commercial or online, that there are businesses that seek outstanding brochure printing services which are specific to their needs.

Custom Brochure Design

Young companies, or those who target younger audiences, tend to explore unconventional designs and layouts in order to incorporate unique characteristics to their brand, products and services. These companies usually engage the service of graphic designers who come at a steep price.

At, we offer several kinds of free brochure templates which are highly customizable. They have been created to cater to a wide range of applications with brochure dimensions set as accurately as possible.

Components and Size

With the sudden influx of online printing companies, first-time consumers find themselves faced with the difficult task of choosing the best printer for their custom brochure. From a long list of options, the question becomes, which company offers the most options for the price? After all, custom brochure printing is all about coming up with an ideal combination of materials and specifications.'s custom brochure printing service provides more stock options compared our online competitors. We offer not only two or four, but nine stock choices! And that's just the beginning. Also available are gloss or matte coating options, banding, tabbing, perforation or scoring options and eight folding options. To top off this extensive list of possibilities, you can have your brochure trimmed to a custom size or choose one of our nine standard sizes. Best of all, you can have your price quote immediately with our Instant Pricing Guide.

At, we acknowledge the individuality of every business for whom we print custom brochures. This is why we provide more choices and more possibilities to our customers. Versatility is the secret ingredient we provide to empower the strength and distinction of your custom brochure printing projects.


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