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What to Put on Your Return Labels

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Your product labels may very well be the most important of information between your product and your customers. You have invested in marketing and advertising to instill brand recognition. The customer shows up at the store and sees your product. They approach, grab it, and…what happens next has everything to do with your label printing choice. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of labels.

Full Color Printed Labels
Can you afford NOT to print in full color? Label printing should almost always include full color graphics and images. Besides the obvious fact that consumers are used to seeing labels in color, you need high contrast text to ensure readability.

Label Environment
Where will your labels go? If your labels spend any time in frozen environments or are exposed to liquids, you should strongly consider glossy labels as these are more resilient. Glossy labels also enhance the look and feel of your label printing by helping graphics and images stand out.

Size matters. We are not talking about being bigger and bolder here. Make sure your labels cover the appropriate amount of surface area. Too much and the customer might get distracted. Too small and the label can be difficult to read. When in doubt, start by looking at industry standards to see what competitors are doing.

The shape of your product will likely determine what aspects of your label printing your customers see first. Can your logo and other important information be read while looking directly at the product? Many products have rounded surfaces. Does important information get lost? Make sure to proof your label printing in a real world space to make sure your customers will be able to tell what it is from a distance.

Don’t let label printing mistakes keep your customers from making an important purchase. With a little help from the professionals at, you can get the most out of your labels every time.

Labels can take your business to new heights! Capitalize on high quality label printing at low prices every day. Shop our labels and see for yourself.

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