Can you think of a better way to remind potential customers about you than putting your logo on a coffee mug?

When To Give Promotional Gifts

Can you think of a better way to remind potential customers about you than putting your logo on a coffee mug? Maybe putting your logo on a CD case? Or you could try a t-shirt, can cozy, or beanie. Whatever products you choose to market your business with will have to be distributed. But when and how do you distribute these gifts? Here are some helpful tips and ideas:

Special occasions

Official parties and business conferences are a great chance to pass out promotional gifts. One idea for a party is an anniversary of an important date for your business. Another idea would be the event of reaching sales goals or launching a new product line. Each of these occasions are an appropriate time to hand out a gift with your logo or contact information on it.

Trade shows 

Handing out promotional items at a trade show is a great way to get noticed. People will line up to get what you have to give. Be sure to attach a brochure printing piece of flyer so that a call to action is connected with the gift. Or you could make the gift conditional. Require your customers to fill out a survey or leave you their contact information. They may even need to sign up for a private demonstration from your sales representative in order to receive the free gift. The idea is to use your gift as a launching pad for sales. 

Incentive for employees

Promotional gifts make excellent rewards for employees as well. If your sales team is doing an exceptional job, be sure to let them know that you notice by giving out a pocket knife or Thermos with your company logo on it. The gesture will go far in encouraging your loyal employees. 

End of the year gifts

A gift that makes sense toward the end of the year is a promotional calendar. Make sure you have enough time for calendar printing so that you can give them away before the end of the year. Find a great online company that does calendar printing and your job will be easier. All you have to do is find an appropriate template, upload your photos, add your events, and upload to your online calendar printing company. Calendars make great holiday gifts for employees and customers alike. 

Finding a great time to pass out promotional gifts is not difficult if you plan ahead, and the outcome is always worth it. Keep a lookout for every opportunity and have your products on hand for the occasions that warrant gift-giving.

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